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ccStar Medical Dispensary and Collective Software

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All our apps driven by Filemaker, we're developers supporting other applications as well as our own... 
ccStar is one app

Adding stations, simple as using Filemaker rules..

Get this free client app FILEMAKER GO link that runs on iPads, iPhones.

We support both Windows & Mac's




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parent company:
MASTAR Telemessaging,

..since 1986.. supporting startups, inbound/ outbound, multiple operator stations for our telephone answering service systems..

FILEMAKER.COM DRIVEN APPLICATIONS... A big benefit using this engine

Introducing, MASTAR associate, we have known each other 5+ years, Ed Bradley, a Mac Filemaker developer, server and remote experiences, running POS systems in the field.

Mature BizProPOS Point of Sale System joins our applications together, and after several years associated, Mr Ed Bradley Filemaker programmer, his POS applications to give you the best of both worlds.

For POS and varying degrees of ccStar membership

All ready to go now, introducing our POS solution developed top down, all the normal features, some special functions will give you all the money management integrity+ inventory features that will much benefit our next MMJ system version. Both MAC/PC, the Cloud, remote features, and the expanded support. 

Visit his linkedin page for POS system info
His Website:

Instead of POS, restaurants, take-out, gift card businesses.. and unike other POS systems, we can make minor adjustments to our Filemaker source code as ccStar does.  Adapting POS application ready to go for any states with special needs.

We are programmers, ready set to code your requirements or special rules, adopting your needs.. and make anything for you.

An intro video by RodMastar:
Point of Sale Video link,
..showing you around Ed's sites


How would you like your system?  
Maybe, a complete pre-configured package.. including a router, mini wall mounted in a closet, your Mac server, support, touchtone, readers and all the goodies, then just needs a good Internet connection. We are very configurable.



by the Filemaker developer author..

I am a programmer that can make things happen.. if you spend enough time, getting acquainted with all I have done so far.. anything further is possible.. I just need you. I needed a good front-end process to carry this application to the next step, why i have step back, offered Ed great Point of Sale system, does so much more than other POS and mixes our strenghts. Now we can offer Mac support, cloud server situations and his propective.. both applications driven by one engine, Filemaker. Let me show you around.. once you see how easy this is.. and I am here for you too.


ccStar application will include all the membership, patience, doctor and other, excluding our own inventory and POS.. wrapping our new system around Ed Bradley's POS system is easy..