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All our apps driven by Filemaker, we're developers supporting other applications as well as our own... 
ccStar is one app

Adding stations, simple as using Filemaker rules..

Get this free client app FILEMAKER GO link that runs on iPads, iPhones.

We support both Windows & Mac's




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parent company:
MASTAR Telemessaging,

..since 1986.. supporting startups, inbound/ outbound, multiple operator stations for our telephone answering service systems..

FILEMAKER.COM DRIVEN APPLICATIONS... A big benefit using this engine


This is our most current and main video for one special version,  ..some screen captures of our patient doctor verification, inventory, consignment application plus.

..this version configured excluding our own POS

point of sale system
, a speciatity of Ed Bradley for 16 years.



Please checkout
screen captures link

and this 5 min video demo
video link



  • This application manages your patients and your caregivers info
  • Client verification flags
  • Store scan images, member pics optional
  • A Patient referral process
  • Entry by simply adding one patient at a time
      or let patients remote self-enty
      or office entry, batching new patients,
      then Admin operator verifies entry
  • Patient emails, newsletters attachments
  • Report 30 days, expired and active patients
  • Export, import patients
  • Custom membership card front,back w/barcodes
  • Patient flags
  • Community coop
  • Driver List
  • Dispatch delivery on-Hold, alarms, email packets,   attachments and management
  • Manages doctor information and scripts
  • A pending verification process
  • Doctor list
  • Manages multiple operators
  • Cannabis library w/100 strains to build on
  • Developed using PC's, now Mac
  • Ed Bradley supports Mac users, his default
  • Runs on iPads, inside your net or remotely
  • A simple inventory database for other..
       A Med-label printing process

All this is very configurable application.
Adding extra station is as
simple as adding Filemaker licenses.

Simple, this app, consist of 2 files..
program and data files






Not all all states are the same.. we expect doing business different ways, for this or that.

No Problem,   Filemaker lets us easily manage your versions, why this engine makes so much sense.. if needed we can make your version special too.






As you can view, the many past configured versions, our impromptu voice animated video's showing you around the inside our code, giving you ideas.

Lite basic cmr, for patients and doctors info app

D-Lite some repeat of lite, plus inventory, POS

Full some repeat of free lite, inventory, barcoding and packaging, other..

Collective  should watch, the developer narrates viewing each version

Full Circle    1st 10 mins, a little about operator logon, gram scale option, using another POS, then about combination of collective and POS

POSlite    managing your patients info and quick checkout inventory using gram scale accounting, no packaging to deal with to delivery option.

We like to burn a special version for you

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